Low Glycemic Index products sourced from Deccan farmers


Your new everyday rice has arrived!

Telangana Sona rice tastes and cooks like regular white rice but has a lower glycemic Index of 51 compared to brown rice (68), wheat roti (62), and quinoa (53)

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Suitable for Diabetics

Telangana Sona's low glycemic index of just 51 means blood sugar levels remain stable after a meal.

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superb cooking quality

Familiar taste and texture of white rice with short, slender grains that cook to pearly perfection.

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Direct from farmer

We source our rice from our farmer network in Siddipet, Hyderabad, procuring the harvest at a fair market price. No middlemen.

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Premium Quality

We test and track our rice right from seed to ensure that only genuine grains of the highest standards make it into our packets.


We are a group of  social entrepreneurs passionate about reviving India's farming villages. Through our partnerships, we are building a food system that is better for farmers and our customers.

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I got to know about Deccan Mudra from one of my close friend. He is using their products from quite a while and it has helped his parents to regularize their blood sugar level. On his advice and being a fitness enthusiast I thought of giving it a try as its healthier than white rice. Ever since it's in my regular meals now and on top of it I am quite impressed with their service, items are delivered before said date.

Shubham Gupta

One of the best rice I have ever seen. There are 3 different types of rice available. Me and my husband both are the fan of single polished rice and regular rice.
The best part of this rice is that its GI is lower than wheat and brown rice.
Diabetic people can eat and those who are health conscious can also eat.
As we are from Odisha and our main food is rice this rice is the best option for me and my family.

Suchismita Majhi

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