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Low GI Starter Pack

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This starter pack is a Low GI powerhouse comprising of our top 3 low GI products:

Low GI Single Polish rice is a variant where only one layer of bran & husk are removed.

Top 3 reasons to consume Single Polish rice
- Higher level of fiber when compared to regular white rice
- Low in calories
- Suitable for those who don't prefer consuming Brown Rice

Use this as an alternative to regular white rice in your everyday cooking!

Low GI Raw Rice is a Sona Masoori replacement. This variant, like the others is suitable for your entire family.

Top 3 reasons to consume low GI Raw Rice

- Same taste and texture as regular Sona Masoori Rice

- Can help you feel fuller for longer, aiding in weight loss

- Suitable for your entire family

Use this as an alternative to regular white rice to eat with your favourite dal or to make yummy Low GI Pulao, Tamarind Rice or any other dish.

Low GI Khapli Atta or Emmer flour is a perfect replacement to regular wheat atta.

Top 3 benefits of Low GI Khapli Atta
- High Fiber
- Diabetic-friendly
- Soft, nutrient rich rotis

Use this to make delicious guilt-free rotis or parathas.

Customer Reviews

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Good taste and texture

I’ve tried Deccan Mudra low GI starter pack, I got yo try all 3 different varieties of their products!!the taste is amazing and also It feels so light in my tummy