Sowing Quality, Reaping Trust: From Farmers to You

At Deccan Mudra, our dedication extends beyond just our customers. We work tirelessly to bring you closer to a healthier, happier lifestyle, while also supporting the farmers who make it all possible.

Famer's Story

Cultivating Personal Connections

We believe that personal connections are vital. By nurturing strong relationships with the farmers who toil in the fields, we ensure that only the best quality staples reach our customers. Our low GI variants are not only a healthy alternative to regular staples but also offer superior taste and quality while ensuring additional health benefits.

The Deccan Mudra Promise

Our promise is clear: to deliver the finest low GI staples without intermediaries, ensuring fairness and excellence at every step. Partnering with GCOTT, we encourage farmers to grow this unique seed variant. 

Farmer-Centric Policies

1. Seed Procurement:  We provide breeder seeds to our farmers, enabling them to grow this unique low GI variant of paddy.

2. Buy-Back Agreements: We establish buy-back agreements to guarantee a market for our farmers' produce.

3. No Middle-Men: By eliminating intermediaries, we ensure that farmers receive their fair share of the proceeds.

Seed to Fork Story

We are involved in every stage of the process, from selecting the seed to cultivating it in the fields and delivering it to you. Our Seed to Fork story is unique to our brand and is a testament to what we believe in i.e., ‘Annadata Sukhibhava’. 

At Deccan Mudra, we believe that personal involvement and a commitment to quality yield the best results. From selecting the finest seeds to delivering exceptional rice to your table, we ensure excellence in every grain.