What is Low-GIycemic Index (GI)?

The glycemic Index is a number that indicates how slowly orhow quickly a food causes blood sugar (glucose) to rise. LowGI foods cause a slow and steady rise in glucose levels,giving long-lasting energy, helping with weight-loss andprotecting against diabetes.

Telangana Sona Rice: Low-GI variety of white rice

All rice is not equal. Some kinds are better. At a time when diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other metabolic disorders are on the rise, people are seeking a healthier kind of daily-use rice. One that doesn’t compromise on what we most love about eating it – comfort & familiarity.

Telangana Sona rice is the answer. When compared to other staples like sona masoori rice,quinoa and chapathis, Telangana Sona rice has the lowestglycemic index (51). Being a low GI food, Telangana Sona does not cause a big blood sugar spike after a meal. It’s the ideal choice for diabetics andweight-watchers who just can’t give up eating white rice!